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Muslim street preacher calls fellow Muslim 'prostitute, Satan and a slut' for wearing tight jeans and vowed to “follow her home and blow her up' (photos)

A 31 year old Muslim street preacher named Krissoni Henderson,, allegedly  chanted pro-ISIS slogans at terrified student Noor Alneaimi, 38 calling  her a prostitute and slut for wearing tight jeans and promised to follow  her home and blow her up, a court in Birmingham heard on Monday.

Henderson  arrived court with his girlfriend who was wearing a flesh exposing  dress and the court heard that Henderson made the sick threats and  chants at Noor along with a group of men in robes, as a crowd of 60  gathered in central Birmingham, .
She told the city’s JPs: “He said, ‘Look at your tight jeans. You’re a kafir’.
“I don’t think he thought I was a Muslim.
“He kept saying, ‘Satan, Satan. You shall burn in hell’.”
But  Henderson has denied the charges and could be seen from time to time  shaking his head in court before he bowed his head to pray.
Speaking outside Birmingham Magistrates’ Court: “You treat us like dogs in your country.”
“Don’t judge me because I have got a beard.
“Judge me on what I do know.
“That’s what you’re supposed to do.”
“Let me see what happens when I put on this gown... All of a sudden I am a terrorist now?
“All of a sudden I am a suicide bomber now?
“No.  We are not terrorists and we are not suicide bombers, we are loving,  peaceful, law-abiding citizens and we live according to the law of  whatever country we are in."
Prosecutor Simon  Brownsey told the court: "It's the Crown's case that at the hands of Mr  Henderson this woman was the victim of religious and offensive words,  including calling her a kafir - a derogatory term for a non-believer.

"(He also said) he would follow her home and blow her up.
"At  the time he wasn't known to her and she has expressed concerns about  seeing him again because of the threat."She was listening to a Christian  preacher on New Street and the defendant was also present.
"He targeted Noor Alneaimi by observing she was wearing tight jeans and told her to take them off.
"He told her she was Satan, she was the devil, she was a slut, she was a prostitute.
"He said: 'Take off your tight jeans or you're going to burn  in hell, kafir. I'm going to follow you home and blow up your house.'"
Henderson has been charged with public order offences and the case adjourned.
Source: Sun UK

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